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Assisted Living Facility in Tarpon Springs, FL

Personal Assisted Living Care

Our assisted living facility is dedicated to giving the best personalized care for every person staying with us.

We maintain a clean and comfortable home where we can meet the medical, nutritional, and emotional needs of each resident. Learn more about our outstanding assisted living facility.

About Us

At Fairway Chalet in Tarpon Springs, Florida, our facility offers one-on-one assisted living services for seniors. We provide better care than larger facilities, and our small team monitors residents closely in order to meet their individual needs. In addition to our standard license, we also have a specialty license, the limited nursing services license, issued by the Agency for Health Care Administration of the State of Florida (AHCA). Our Limited Nursing Services License allows us to accept clients or retain residents who need more intensive care so they can age in place.

The administrator/owner has more than 25 years of experience in nursing and assisted living. Fairway Chalet also participates in the Medicaid Managed Care (MMC) Long Term Care (LTC) program.

An Experienced Owner

Unlike other facilities, Fairway Chalet is owned by a Registered Nurse with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. He has worked with the elderly for more than 25 years. He has cared for them in their homes as a private nurse. He has worked his way up in the nursing home from a job as a nurse's aide, to a medication nurse, to a supervisor in the nursing department and practically managing the entire facility for being the most senior staff member on his weekend shifts.

Facility License Number: AL7276



I would like to take the time to express how happy Ted and I am that Angie is in your facility.... The care that your staff takes....not only for Angie but for all the residents..
Unfortunately Angie can not understand due to her illness but ...But we are very please with the compassion and care...You put our minds at ease
I would highly recommend The Fairway Chalet!

Regards...Marie and Ted Petine

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Fairway Chalet is a wonderful, clean, friendly Assisted Living facility in Tarpon Springs, Florida located in a quiet area adjacent to a golf course and ballpark. The buildings are well maintained and the property is beautifully landscaped and always welcoming.

I moved my Mother to Fairway Chalet in February 2015 so that she would be closer to my home and office. I met with the owner, Danilo Labios (Danny), and did the ‘tour' of the residences. I met the staff, most of the residents and got to see everything available. I fell in love with the quaintness and cleanliness of the Assisted Living (ALF) home. With only 13 residents, including 3 Independent Living suites, I was impressed with the fact that each resident has a private room. Each room includes furniture, television and cable hookup and ample closet space. My Mom's room was completely renovated and it's like she had a brand new ‘home' to move into. There is also an elevator for convenience in transferring residents from rooms to common areas.

Danny and his wife Narrisa, along with the staff, are always friendly, welcoming and available to answer any questions or concerns I might have. Mom is always clean, happy and tells me she loves living there.
Danny is a registered nurse and together with his wife and capable staff they take care of my Mom. Mom has her freshly kitchen-prepared meals, medications, laundry, physician visits and occupational therapy provided in the facility. Daily activities are provided and encouraged for social inter-action.
Another great benefit is that they are qualified to accept the Medicare/Medicaid Waiver that helps to offset the cost of geriatric care for your loved one.

I highly recommend Fairway Chalet ALF to anyone who is in need of a clean, friendly, honest and professional residence for their family members and or friends.

Patti L. King

My wife and I are in the medical field. I am constantly going to many facilities throughout the county. I have to say that this is a very, very good place for my stepfather. We are constantly asking him, how does he like it at Fairway Chalet ALF? His reply has always been "Fantastic" He mentions that they take care of him great there. They do everything for him. He says that he loves being retired and life is fantastic.

The people there are extremely nice and caring. We were very lucky to have found this facility. I truly highly recommend Fairway Chalet ALF.

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My mother has been a resident of Fairway Chalet for 3 years and I have never once regretted my decision. There are many ALF facilities in all sizes and standards of care. My mother has dementia and is incontinent. I didn't want her to be lost and forgotten in a large facility with so many residents and not enough caregivers. At the Chalet, Danny, the owner who is also a RN, makes sure the residents always get the care that they need....and then some. ALL his caregivers have endless patience, humor, and love that they never hinder in bestowing upon the residents. The Chalet is more like a "home" with the kitchen and great room being the center of all the activity. And unless the individual is ill, NO ONE is left to spend the day in a bed.

A large concern of mine, in any facility, was the lack of medical care or caregivers noticing if my mother wasn't feeling well. The Chalet has a physician who works closely with the residents and Danny will quickly notify me if anyone notices a change in my mothers behaviors or personal habits. Another concern was cleanliness. NOT ONCE have I ever smelled urine and they all work very hard to keep the residents, and the facility, neat, clean and well cared for. Even Pierre! A very friendly and handsome french poodle who has become the mascot of the Chalet.

I cared for my mother three years on my own which eventually became physically unrealistic for both of us. It is a very hard decision when you realize you, alone, cannot care for someone you love whole heartily. Again, I have never regretted my decision and I will be forever grateful for everyone at the Chalet not only for the love they show my mother but also enabling me to sleep peacefully at night.

My Mom, Jeanne Pepe was a resident for a while at Fairway Chalet back in 2008. She was treated there well by Danny, Nerissa and their entire staff.

As much as my mom would have wanted to be in her own home, it had become difficult for her to do so because of the Parkinson's Disease.

Danny & his staff provide a clean happy environment and oversee the health & comfort of the residents.
The residents needs are met in relation to their medications and overall health. They make arrangements for physical & occupational therapies as needed.

My uncle, Edward Pape became a resident in April of 2015 after having suffered a second broken hip & had become increasingly difficult for him to continue to live on his own.

I recommended Fairway as I had been happy with the care my mom had received while there. I'm happy to say that my uncle is doing well. His medications are monitored & when he was having issues the appropriate health personnel were brought in to help him. He has a pacemaker & Danny has made sure the testing is done on a regular basis.
To know that your loved ones are being looked after, is a huge relief for families. We no longer have to worry how my uncle is getting along, whether he's eating well or getting his medications at the right times or worried that he might take another fall.

I would recommend Fairway Chalet to anyone looking for a place for a loved one.

Thanks to Danny, Nerissa & their entire staff.

Denise Gompers

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I cannot say enough good things about Fairway Chalet and its owners/managers Danny & Nerissa Labios. My mother was a resident there for over 5 years. During that time she deteriorated gradually from an elderly woman with short term memory loss and mobility with a walker to an almost totally incapacitated individual both mentally and physically. Not only did she always receive excellent care but also attention and friendship from the staff, dare I even say love? I visited mom at least twice a week, and never felt badly when I left, knowing that she was in such good hands. During the last year or so, when I had to leave, and mom would get upset, staff members would lovingly distract her with hugs and sweet words--and good natured humor--so that I could leave peacefully. I will be forever grateful to Danny and Nerissa and the small staff for giving my mom the best possible life in her last years. And you can't beat the lovely garden view from the front porch, which mom loved!

Shirley Copperman


Come in for a consultation and we will show you around the facility before sitting down to discuss your or your loved one's capabilities and special needs. Our prices are negotiable and we will work with you based on your needs and abilities. When we have determined that you are eligible for VA benefits and/or Medicaid benefits, we will help you with the process, and you can stay here while we are getting you approved.
Within our beautiful facility, residents enjoy spacious bedrooms that are fully furnished. Browse through our photos to see the excellent care we take of our assisted living facility.
Contact us in Tarpon Springs, FL with any questions for our wonderful staff.